I’m so tired of waking up super anxious and having a panic attack each and every morning. Some days it’s so bad that I can’t go into work. I’m already chronically ill physically and have plenty of reasons to go on disability and now I just have another one, but I really don’t want to go on it… Does anyone have any tips? Getting exercise has helped a little bit but not much.

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  • thechameleon


    Do you have any songs that makes you feel especially good? I will set that as my alarm, so when I wake up, I'm instantly greeted with positive energy. I do have to change the song about once a week or the anxiety will come back. As soon as I feel annoyed by it, I change it. You don't want to associate a song you love with stress! Lol! Hope it works for you as well ❤️

  • Jmarie


    I totally feel you on this. I eventually had to go on disability because it felt unmanageable and I just couldn't keep steady at work. I will say it has helped to be on it til I've become stable enough or feel more in control. As thechameleon said, music can be helpful. In the mornings, sometimes I'll just choose any random podcast on spotify as well and just keep it going on in the background, it kind of distracts me from my own thoughts.

  • libranu1969


    I used to be just like that. I had to find things that actually helped me calm down. It helps having people who understand what you're going through. I listen to soothing sounds on my phone in my bedroom before I even get out of bed every day. I hope you find something that works for you 🙂

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