Just had a panic attack because yelling triggers me woooooo

Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • eemuu


    On fleek overly loud people Stresses me out . Get some of those wireless earbuds and just Tunage constant . Helps me decently well .

  • upsettispaghetti


    Felt, I get overstimulated so quickly. Good luck, I'm a stranger but if you need to talk to someone you can message me

  • DaKine


    Yelling, train horns, loud alarms and all noises over a certain decibel threshold trigger me and always have since I was younger. It’s almost a feeling of mixed complexities like anger, anxiousness with stomach pains. I was led in the direction of possible autism/ADHD

  • Leviross


    My parents yelling triggers me. I basically have PTSD because of my childhood. It sucks I still live with them

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