i’m in the process of accepting and understanding that i am disabled and how that affects my life. i’m in vocational rehab to attempt to find me a long term work solution but i’m starting to think i can’t do a 40 hour work week or even just 20. i have migraines nearly every day, i’m constantly tired, i’m always in pain. my balance and walking ability isn’t consistent. it’s just hard trying to explain this to other people, especially the people in my life.


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  • Berta


    I’m sorry. It’s frustrating I know. Maybe work from home stuff you could stay in your bed and do it on a laptop with a laptop desk. If not do not beat yourself up over it. This is your journey try to find joy somewhere every day. Meditation and centering prayer help me.

  • mckaela


    i’m in the same boat, trying to figure out what I can do work wise while being in constant pain, it’s so frustrating because nobody seems to understand. you’re not alone.

  • Ehhhh


    I used to be a vocational rehab counselor for the state. The entire premise, at least in my state, was to afford you the opportunity to *try* to go to work, while maintaining your disability benefits. You can choose to work part-time. I've had clients work as little as 2 hours a week. However, the shortened hours have to be made available by the employer. Sometimes the job coach can negotiate on your behalf for shortened hours or workplace accommodations (like a quiet darkened workplace; or more frequent but shorter breaks). Check out JAN (job accomodations network) and look up your disabilities for suggested workplace accommodations, so you are better prepared. Good luck!

  • Soskae


    I’m in a similar spot. I have multiple physical disabilities and right now I can’t work a full time job. I’m extremely insecure about my financial future but I have been able to up my hours after balancing out medications and mobility aids. I work at a school for disabled children so I have been super fortunate to have a really accommodating job. I’m still nervous and it isn’t always easy but once I got passed the “I’m actually disabled not just weak” phase it’s been a slow but progressive incline up.

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