I've been doing research on my symptoms lately, and the one I've found that matches the most is a chiari malformation, any advice?

Arnold-Chiari syndrome

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  • Nocoma


    Do you have a good primary care that will work with you to help refer you for care? The best way to find out if it is indeed Chiari is to seek out a specialist that can order and/or review your MRI's to see if you have any herniation or slumping of your brain tonsils. I ended up getting diagnosed by David Frim at Chicago university, even though I didn't have a herniation, because my brain tonsils sat against the opening of my spinal canal and I had all the symptoms so they diagnosed Chiari Zero. Frim no longer sees patients, but the University still specializes in Chiari. Dr. Iskandar in Madison Wisconsin is also an amazing specialist, who actually coined the term Chiari Zero, and he still sees patients. He doesn't do much follow up, but I was still impressed by him. Enough to travel across the country to see him for several years.

  • Jessie14


    Sorry can’t help much I had an emergency situation that brought from the ER straight into surgery so I can’t help much. But I would start with a neurosurgeon/neurologist and see what they can do for you

  • Ssfdf


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