Hi. I was wondering about some coping skills for depression. I haven't been eating and it takes a lot for me to eat, so I make smoothies that have healthy items in it. I haven't had much energy or motivation to do anything and it really bothers me. How do you all manage your depression?


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  • lia


    I paint most of the time, or go on walks. Usually my mom or friends try to get me out of the house, but you just have to take it day by day. Small steps help.

  • blackwidow


    I listen to music or put myself in a happy setting take a lukewarm shower or take some walks. Stay positive!

  • exaustedeveryday


    I fight daily to get out of bed. Some days I stay in my nightgown all day. But I still manage to get the housework done. I'll be sending you positive vibes...

  • Newt


    Have you tried meditation? It works well for me and you can try it in many ways. Walking, eating, or just relaxing. I wish you well my friend.

  • kaydee


    Getting out, talking to people and distraction are all helpful. But, the number one thing is doing something for someone else. You get a wonderful feeling of accomplishment and joy knowing you made someone else happy. Best antidepressant there is

  • Plantmom1269


    I listen to podcasts or read books. When i spend time reading or thinking about other things i think less about my depression.

  • servicedogmom


    I try distracting myself or listening to music that coincides with how I feel. I also find Journaling helps some and talking to friends helps it doesn't even have to be about how I feel. But really I'm struggling a lot...

  • heavensent.queen


    Ive also been making smoothies with added supplements almost every morning. If I don't I treat myself to coffee. Most days I pick up enough clutter to make me feel comfortable enough that I don't feel like I'm suffocating; I put on my current show (Criminal Minds) and hope for the best. I'm so thankful that my support system is my partner and I can go to him anytime I need him. Most days are hard but that makes the easy days so much better.

  • CJ


    Paper plates, plastic wear, and frozen food. Be as lazy as you need to be, as long as you figure a way to feed yourself. If you like healthy food and want something quick and easy salad kits are great. If you're feeling fancy try soft boiling an egg or two and adding them in. They are surprising easy to make and it took me under a minute to peel them. Simple meal prepping is another trick I use. Making a lunch meat sandwich to eat every single day feels like a lot of work to me, but I can get enough energy to make the entire loaf of bread into sandwiches, and then I have lunch for the whole week and I don't have to worry about making sandwiches again for awhile. Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are another really easy food. Walmart sells protein bars called power crunch that have very little sugar but taste amazing, that's another easy thing to eat. I also try to keep a stock of applesauce and go-gurt (they have dairy free go-gurt!). I've been eating a lot of cereal lately too, out of my paper bowl with my plastic spoon, lol. Do whatever works for you. Buy pre prepared food.

  • Emma37


    I try to eat some more healthy meals like vegetables and fruits because I know it affects my mood for the better but I also let myself eat my favorite foods like Ice cream🤗 that way I feel balanced and I treat both my body and soul. Regarding the motivation - I try to plan a weekly schedule in which I have daily activity that I look forward to it. Like spending time with a friend, shopping, just taking some time to rest or doing a fun outdoor activity. It's very important for me to have something planned for the day and also to be around people who are motivated and can influence me. Hang in there 🙌💕

  • Mila


    I keep myself busy with work and different activities. It helps me to stay distracted from my thoughts. Also being around people and going out forces you to forget yourself a little, in a good way. Maybe treat yourself with some nice time away so you'll eat more and be more energetic.

  • Quinee


    I try to keep myself as busy as possible! I recently fell in love with the kitchen, on days when I feel more depressed I cook and bake a lot, also helps me eat healthier and I also get to make my surroundings happy with home made foods :)

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