Anyone have tips to help with burn out? I still have awhile until my week off but as of right now I am feeling worn out and on the edge of a mental break. I just need some tips to get me by until I get my time off which hopefully will help.


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  • Reddest


    Burnout is rough. I have more empathy to give than advice but my therapist is encouraging me to a. not check the time so often while at work and b. (Whenever possible) daydream freely during work. I have a lot of dread and despair about my job, despite liking it otherwise, so we're hoping this helps.

  • Belugabear


    So this might be horrible advice but it worked for me. I find that if I spend my free time doing nothing like you’re inclined to when you’re burnt out, spend it doing something you love it practice self care. Actually doing something helped me, but something I liked so it didn’t feel like a chore or require much brain power. I hope maybe this helps :)

  • BB1912


    Something I recommend is before u go to sleep at night stay up just a few extra minutes and just breath deep it will help relax u I also would suggest soaking in a warm bath before bed just sit in water it will give your brain a break cause u don't have think about anything

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