I just want to feel better. no motivation whatsoever. never feel like doing anything Mmy mind and body totally stuck.

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  • Connie48036


    I know it can be so hard! Do you have friends you can talk to or get together with. Sometimes it's easier if someone prods me a little. Or start to start a project with something you used to like .. Try forcing yourself just for a few minutes and see if you can pick up the joy again that it used to give you. Needle point or something you liked to do. I'm here if you want to talk. I get notifications so as long as I'm not working or something, I'll answer pretty quickly. Blessings and I hope you'll get better real soon.

  • Rae215


    I know the feeling.. I'm going thru the same thing.. everyday I wake up saying today is going to be different but nothing changes..I need motivation and a coach someone to help me..

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