I was diagnosed with ADHD earlier this year and suspect I may also be autistic - I am not seeking diagnosis for the latter but interested to hear from those who are AuDHD or may be in the same position as me!

Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

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  • IceCup


    This is me too! I don’t see what good a diagnosis would do tbh. Even now I am scared of disclosing certain info to my job /applications in fear of discrimination etc. I can get accommodations for my adhd so I don’t see a need to get the official diagnosis for autism

    • oscurochiaro


      I feel exactly the same! A lot of the accommodations / coping mechanisms between ADHD and autism are similar so I am content to keep in mind that I may be AuDHD, and use that understanding to find mechanisms that work for me

  • Noob1


    Same here. I'm diagnosed ADHD and my son is autistic. Lots of the same strategies.

  • Frankie04


    hey! you can direct message me if you would like to chat more :) i was diagnosed with both in July but wasn't expecting to be diagnosed with autism. for me it's been useful simply for me to understand myself, understand why this is making me feel this way without feeling like i'm overreacting or being stupid. job-wise it hasn't held me back at all, an employer isn't allowed to not hire you based on that and i was lucky that my managers were easy to talk to. i'm still working out skills to manage my AuDHD but it is a part of me and it's who i am :)

  • busy_bee


    I have ADHD (combined type) and have been diagnosed and medicated for 20 years. My symptoms are VERY apparent and almost all are very traditionally "ADHD" however I relate to a LOT of experiences/behaviors present in many people who have autism too. It can be hard for me to tell what is ADHD vs. Anxiety vs. Depression vs. Obsessive compulsive tendencies as opposed to full out OCD or autism. Honestly, I think everyone has their own unique makeup and it can be hard to distinguish some of these symptoms and behaviors from eachother and tie them to just one condition

  • moonlit_shiv


    Been there! My ASD and ADHD diagnoses came around the same time, and I think they go hand in hand for a lot of people. DM me for any specific questions! :)

  • MustHaveThat


    The 9yo of my friend has both conditions - to the worst... He will never be able to find his way alone through the world... I don't know how to say it different, but I hope you understand: you can still consider yourself lucky. 💕

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