Vent post, beware!! it's been one hell of a year. within the past 10 months I had an abortion, met the love of my life, lost my best friend, lost my home, lost my job, lost my independence, lost the aforementioned love of my life, and was committed to psychiatric inpatient care. I am now in an intensive outpatient program and I'm trying to scrape together my life... I've saved up enough money to move back to the town I love, but I'm exhausted. I don't have any friends left and I'm starting completely fresh. I'm trying to think positively (especially that I now have med management and extensive therapy), but all of the changes have been squashed into a short time-span. As much as I'm looking forward to my new life, yet another change feels nearly insurmountable right now. I'm not really sure what I'm getting at here other than screaming into the void. F*ck BPD, man!!!! I'm so tired of all this.....exhausted.




Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)


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