I was just diagnosed with ADHD and Im not sure how to cope.

Attention-Deficit Disorder

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  • Marss


    I also have adhd meds help when paying attention, it can be a bit overwhelming at first but it was kinda relieving for me no one I’m not alone, being aware of your emotions and writing down how you are feeling helps me with concentration a lot just so I’m not so scatter brained and overstimulated

  • Ari22


    Congrats bc that’s a big step in your mental health journey. ADHD is different for everyone. Here’s my top tips. 1) Do your hardest tasks first in work and personal life. 2) Say “No,” more often. 3) The power of 10. I just started this and it’s where you right down your goals and just complete 10 of it and then progress. I.E. I suck at reading. So, to help that I read 10 pages at a time for now. Same thing for push-ups and squats. 4) Timers save lives (don’t use the one on your phone if you can help it). 5) I believe in 1 and 2 pot meals. 6) Spend 15 minutes at night prepping for your next day. 7) Up your hydration

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