Hi Alex my question is anyone out there with neuropathy and solutions to assist me in managing pain in my lower legs below the knee on down. And if anyone can answer why my legs always feel so tired and tight if it might be related to some of the diabetic medication that I take because I'm about to start and try herbal remedies because I think some of this medication is causing the problems in my legs especially the muscles. thanks everyone for your comments.

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  • lette


    I have the same problem as you. I found out from a friend that her doctor told her that cholesterol meds will cause pain in legs. The doctor told her to take CQ10. I've started taking it and its helped mine also if you have low potassium levels that will cause cramps and pain in legs. Hope that's helped. Drinking plenty of water helps too. When you become dehydrated you'll have pain

    • Chino


      Thank you for your words it is much appreciated and I will check out the information you given me.❤️

  • health1


    Do Your lower legs feel like charlie horses? Thats what mine does when i walk more than 5 to 10 feet

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