How do I motivate myself to go to my college classes?

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  • finnigan


    i’m commenting so i get notified of the replies bc SAME

  • Polistinae


    If you’re financially motivated, try calculating how much money you’re wasting by skipping class by dividing the total cost of the class by the number of class periods in the semester. If you’re not so financially motivated and that just makes you feel guilty, try looking at the syllabus and getting excited about the things you’re going to learn that day! Maybe google it so you feel more prepared and try to find a real-world application for whatever it is.

  • CaitieBug


    Hi there. The way I was able to motivate myself was figuring out my big goal (graduating with my degree), then breaking it up into smaller sections (semesters), and then even smaller (classes). I would reward myself for completing a week of no misses (unless I was sick with the flu or something) with a special dinner or a new book. (Thriftbooks, because college kids have zero money for the new stuff) I know everyone is different, and this is what worked for me but might not for you. I hope you get to a good place soon. ❤️

  • Blanket


    Commenting so I get an answer

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