How do you consistently remember your meds? (not including alarms)

Attention-Deficit Disorder

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  • lionsden


    having a routine based around my work schedule helps. on weekends i struggle sometimes but having it be a part of my morning "before work" routine helps

  • Crystal_Rose


    I just make sure to take mine before bed. I know some people try to do creative things like getting a gumball machine and having daily meds come out that way. Otherwise I keep a few at work, at home, and in the car so no matter what, if I forget, I am always capable of taking them when I need to.

  • gummie


    i usually don't, but i take mine around the time i do other things, specifically when i shower in the morning.

  • PuddingStone


    I use a pill box (kept next to my bed) so I can see if I took them that day. (And alarms haha)

  • Butterfly09


    I have an iPhone and I put a reminder to take my meds and set it to go off for a certain time every day and never mark it off until I take it so when I grab my phone the reminder is always on the screen until I take them.

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