Anyone else super nervous every year around the holidays?
My boyfriend likes me to come to thanksgiving and other family gatherings and I always get super nervous .. mostly because my own family doesn’t do those anymore since my father passed away (on Christmas Day).

I know it’s not his fault that I’m like this, but I just feel so pressured to get up early and feel/act “normal” every time.

Plus I have a head cold so that’s fun!!
Any tips for any of this??

Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • Harley100719


    Communication is key in a relationship and I'm so sorry for your loss something similar happened and I don't really celebrate some holidays because of it for me it's just to difficult but I recommend talking to him about how you feel and with stuff like that if it stresses you out take it slow there's no need to just head first into something that makes you uncomfortable cause for people who have anxiety that stuff gets to be to much and isn't good for us mentally

    • Jgrazia89


      thank you, yes exactly. I’m just going to go and have the “come as you are” attitude.

      • Harley100719


        that's a good way/mindset to go into it with

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