I’m questioning my life a lot right now. I’ve dealt with depression off and on for decades. Been on many different medications but none for the last 10 years. When I met my now ex-husband I blamed my lack of sexual interest on the years of mental health meds. Looking back though, I realize I never had a desire for it. Am I alone here? I sure feel alone.

Chronic Generalized pain


Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • Dinner


    That’s really interesting I really thought it was me for the longest time. I am not sure if it’s the medicine or the depression but I also have no sexual interests at all and I’m actually OK with that! I chose to raise my daughter on my own and it seemed like the best idea at the time and turned out to be the best idea overall. I can’t imagine having anybody else in my life right now or even in any forseeable future

  • Angel1


    💕 🙏

  • kitkatbar


    I never did, also depression and anxiety since a child. I always thought my lack of desire was related to all my female pain issues and then later in life hormonal issues (post hysterectomy). I feel bad for my husband as I'm almost constantly sick or physically hurting from physical health issues. Married 32 years.

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