Hi! I’m semi-newly diagnosed with fibro. My doctor prescribed me a low-dose muscle relaxer to help me sleep hoping that better sleep hygiene will get my pain under control. I’m definitely sleeping better but I don’t see any progress or change in my pain. Have any of your doctors tried this course of treatment? Did it work?

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  • nat23


    I wouldn't say that my fibro is "better" but without good sleep I will always have a flare up within a day or two. Rest is one of the most important things you can do for your fibro in my experience. We eventually even bought a sleep number bed so that I could always adjust it depending on my pain level that day so I could have restful nights.

  • Chesbro99


    I have one for night time and one for the day if I need it. I think it helps a lot with my sleep and it's helped but not make my pain go away.

  • Dwight


    Fibromyalgia isn't a musculoskeletal disorder, if I remember correctly it's a neurological disorder. It affects the nerves. I think the muscle relaxer is definitely helping your sleep, but it's not targeting the pain. I'm on a medicine usually prescribed for seizures (Gabapentin) but it works WONDERS for both my sleep and my pain. Consider taking to your doctor about going on a medicine actually labled use for fibromyalgia! It could really make a difference. :]

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