hello, i am in high school currently and i have many many absences, because i truly truly feel that people are looking at me and judging me, and home feels way better because there is no one to make me feel scared, i feel safe and at ease in my house, i will most likely be doing homeschool next year. but you see my friend doesn’t understand why i can’t just go to school, she thinks i feel privileged and that i’m taking advantage just to be lazy and i’m not, she said that everyone else has to so i just need to go, she doesn’t think it’s fair that i’m not getting any “punishment” for all the times i have stayed, but if i could go i would, but the thought of being around all of those people is eating me alive, i want to throw up at the thought of it, i genuinely feel like everyone is judging me, please tell me i’m not the only one that goes through this…

Social Anxiety

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  • JaebaeB04


    I feel the same way so I skipped this year and have to repeat it but I have to go to a new school and and it’s public which is worse I wish you luck with your situation though and she’s not a good friend for not supporting your feelings in my opinion

  • Green_Goblin


    I struggled with a very similar experience. My senior year I had to switch to an alternative school. It had limited amounts of students, and specialized staff for the types of students there. The new schools helped my mental health so greatly.

  • Lea_Star


    I’m currently in my senior year and have a somewhat similar experience — I have continued to go to school but have become so detached and fearful of judgement that I barely speak to friends, much less acquaintances or strangers. You’re definitely not alone in this, and although it may be hard for your friend to understand it’s not your fault and you aren’t lazy for having anxiety. Keep doing the best thing for yourself and your mental health, I hope your friend comes around.❤️🫂

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