This post is relayed to endometriosis, constipation, and anxiety. Since I went off the pill a few months ago, I’ve noticed a change in my bowel habits - more frequent constipation. I have endometriosis which has, for many years, included bowel symptoms like low back pain, rectal pain/pressure, and painful bowel movements during my period. The constipation I’ve been experiencing over the past week or so has been particularly challenging, mostly because it’s causing me intense anxiety. I can’t stop thinking about it. My anxious mind has me convinced that my endo has created a bowel blockage and that something terrible is about to happen. I’m on a getaway with my family and I’ve already researched where the nearest hospital or urgent care is! That’s the level of anxiety I am at. However, I’m still having bowel movements about every other day (although it’s minimal), I have no abdominal pain whatsoever, not even any bloating really, no nausea, no vomiting, I’m able to eat, and I feel overall quite normal and well. I’m trying to tell myself that if I had a bowel blockage that I would be experiencing pain and feel sick. I’ve visited my doctor who has said the constipation could be endometriosis or could be hormonal from my body adjusting to being off the pill. I wonder if my stress levels around this are making it even worse as well. Doctor recommended a magnesium supplement, colace, and Miralax, and I’m taking them. I’m also trying to not obsess or think too much about it and trust that if something was very wrong, my body would give me an unavoidable sign. I just feel like hormones, endo, and my health anxiety might all be teaming up right now to make this situation very uncomfortable! 😩 Thank you for listening! Any words of wisdom are appreciated!

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  • Deanka


    I can totally relate. I’m battling endo, anxiety, and nausea/stomach aches.

  • Deanka


    I just started the birth control patch and I feel so sick. I have the same response with all the other oral birth controls. Idk what to do anymore.

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