anyones who has had a laparoscopy, what is the recovery process like?

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Nausea and Vomiting

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  • Belugabear


    So the first few days are challenging but medications help. I got a recliner and put it in my room and that helped a lot. If I spend too much time lying down I’ll faint so sitting up but reclined was good. Like any surgery est small meals at first to help with nausea. Showering after a couple days is also important, it made me feel much better. I recommend getting a shower chair!

  • Booandthemoo


    Hey I just had one in February 2022. The recovery was so much easier than I though. I was in bed the first week. The second week I was more mobile and living my kids and doing more work around the house. I would say I was 95% better after 3 weeks. I didn’t need pain meds much. I thought I would need more. But I did use Motrin and Tylenol together every few hours and that helped the most. My endometriosis pain didn’t go away entirely the dr said it would be about a year. Still haven’t had my period and they took out my Fallopian tubes. Definitely feel my body going through cycles and the pain that comes with that. I had my excision done by Dr Cameron Nezhat who’s supposed to be one of the best. My incisions healed well and fast. I just wish I knew I would still be in pain after. I would do it again. Let me know if you have any questions.

  • UnicornBug


    My recovery process was extremely difficult. I had an IUD placed during surgery and the first 2 days after surgery was amazing. I didn't use my pain meds as I didn't need them. But slowly the pain and cramping got worse and worse until I was maxed out on pain meds and doubled over crying all day. I went in and had the placement of my IUD checked. My doctor told me he did not want to remove it until we checked placement using an US. Little did I know I wouldn't be able to get the US for another week. My pain got worse everyday and when I finally got the scam done, my DR decided that it wasn't placement, it was my body rejecting it and I was having contractions that whole time frame as my body's way to try to get rid of it. I was basically in labor for over 2 weeks. As soon as he removed it, it was instant relief and the healing process was basically over. I felt amazing and started Depo Lupron. Best decision of my life. 🙌

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