Hi! I’ve been dealing with chronic fissures for almost 2 years now. After identifying the fissures my doctors have repeatedly instructed me to keep taking Miralax and make sure my stools are “soft enough” to heal. So I take my Miralax for months at a time (min. 12 weeks+) with no pain down there and assume I’m healing but as soon as I start to wean off the Miralax the fissures return and I’m back at square one. I have concerns that this long-term Miralax isn’t a great solution, but I’d love to get any feedback from you all. Do I just need to find a new doctor? Or should I expect to take Miralax for the rest of my life? Any advice or experiences are appreciated!

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  • IbsQween


    You definitely need to find a new doctor it sounds like you have chronic fissures that keep coming back. I’m speaking from experience here. I now have to take milk of magnesia on a daily basis even after they have me a Botox shot for my fissures. You may have chronic constipation that needs medication like linzess etc etc. ask your doctor or get a new one. Miralax stops working after a while as well

  • RescueRanger


    Thank you! I think this was what my gut was telling me (no pun intended) but it really helps to hear this advice from someone else who has dealt with this before.

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