Who has done the pill method for colonoscopy prep? How was it? I’m unable to drink the solution, I end up getting too nauseous and throwing up. Thanks for any input!

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  • CmcC


    I usually mix my solution with clear fluids, 7up does wonders for me! 😊

    • Cam4767


      the instructions for the one I had told me to mix it in 4L of water and nothing else, so I was drinking that then trying to chase it with something, but I was still unable to :(

      • CmcC


        Aww no I'm sorry 😥 hopefully others on here might be able to help out!

  • Butterflies


    I haven’t tried the pill method, but I’ve found that the Miralax + Gatorade prep is much easier to tolerate. Maybe you could see if that would be an option?

  • Berrygray


    I did a dulcolax pill and enema prep once for a sigmoidoscopy and it was definitely easier than the suprep that i did the first time, only thing i will say as a downside is the laxative pill i took makes you cramp which was uncomfortable/a bit painful

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