I have pocd, incestual ocd, sexual ocd, and other obsessions and it’s really starting to spook my family. And idk how to tell them or explain it to them. Does anyone experience this or have advise?

Complex post traumatic stress disorder

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

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  • Chickpea75


    How did you know you had incest OCD? What were the symptoms/signs?

    • TheUglyDuckling


      I keep acting weird around my family afraid I’m going to accidentally seem like I’m hitting on them like everyone else. I have staring ocd also which is why strangers think that. It’s a long story and really complicated.

  • canoli


    I have sexual ocd too and I did tell my best friend. It was a huge mistake. She told others and I was incredibly stigmatized. Now, as a result, I have cptsd too. No one really understands it but they will definitely judge you. I'd recommend sticking with professionals or support groups.

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