I'm really struggling with mental health- severe depression, but I also feel in the past couple months like physically something is wrong and I haven't felt that way before despite years of mental health issues. The only other thing was migraines which I have mostly under control with meds now. But now I have been extremely fatigued, have been experiencing palpitations, tachycardia of like 120s-150s at times, nausea, and pain and tenderness in my upper left side. I went to the ER last month & had an abnormal EKG with inverted T waves in lower & lateral leads, and elevated inflammatory markers but nothing else really notable. I have a cardiologist appointment for late October which has been rescheduled by the facility and pushed back so it'll have been 2 months by the time I'm seen. I also feel like because I have a diagnosis of anxiety that nobody takes me seriously and chalks everything up to panic symptoms even though I'm not panicked at the time. Not sure if anyone has helpful words they can share but I'm feeling a bit discouraged and it's hard for me to speak up about my concerns feeling I will again be dismissed

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  • Shyy


    What really helped me personally to get out of depression is accepting it. Accepting that it's ok to feel sad, & just making the best of it by relaxing, listening to music (music is amazing therapy), going on walks, etc. Also, having friends who care & support helps too. If you want a friend or someone to talk to, or even someone just to talk to you, send me a message, I'd love to be that for you

    • RainBowShine


      thank you. It's hard to know what to say sometimes. It's just painful being so sad all the time

      • Shyy


        do what you can. Think about your goals, big things you want to accomplish over the next few years, & start learning at your own pace everything you can to pursue that goal. Don't overwhelm yourself, just relax and eventually you will be ready to do things and find your motivation again. It WILL happen. You just gotta know that it will and have patience until the time is right

  • Heaven197987


    Get your thyriod numbers looked at

  • Wanderprone


    Hello! If it makes you feel better, health professionals may attribute the nausea and tachycardia to a panic attack but not with those other symptoms. A cardiologist is a great place to start. I know this isn’t the advice you probably want to hear, but I would just try to manage expectations for when you see the cardiologist. Go into it knowing they may discuss several possible reasons for your symptoms and will likely order more labs and maybe another EKG. I’ll typically write down my questions on my phone, I’m more likely to speak up and ask them if I have them physically printed in front of me.

  • Hellokittyprincess


    Hey u wanna chat i am down

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