Hey! I honestly think we should try our best to really communicate in this app and setup nights with specific times and what not. To really build a support system. Maybe Tuesday's can be taco night lol where we use taco inspired emojis or something lol idk. You get the idea. Follow me if you see and agree with this! I think it'll help us ease into sharing and just building a comfort zone in here.

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

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  • Blue_Star


    I think this is a GREAT idea! Count me in! I’m somewhat new to this app… can you follow people or create groups or something? Either way, like I said, I’m in! 🌮😊

    • smilebig98


      I'm new too! And I really see potential on this app. Just follow me and I'll try to figure out the rest. When I get a more people to follow I'll try and coordinate for all of us to be on the same page.

  • Blue_Star


    Agreed, this app does have a lot of potential. I tried looking around and I still can’t figure out how to follow people, it doesn’t seem to be an option 🤔 But I’m still in for whatever we can work out! 👍

  • E_belli


    I'm new too. And I am so down. I have no idea how to follow though.. 😬

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