!!TW!! !!TALKS OF ED!!
I’m worried I’m developing an ED due to my conditions. Between GERD, GP, and all the side effects of those I can’t eat. That’s caused me to lose weight. Now I’m so obsessive over how I look. Im only 105lbs, I’m so skinny but I always have something wrong. I know I’m skinny but I don’t think I look skinny. I know I need to gain weight but I find myself wanting/actually doing exercises to help burn fat. I have no idea what to do about this and I’m worried


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  • Mosey


    If you have therapist I would suggest talking to them about this, they will likely have ideas on what might help you work through it. If you don’t have one already than go to your primary and see if they can referral you to a mental health clinic. From the sounds of it you’re already falling into ED habits a little bit, and it can be really hard to come back from that without the right kind of help, it was for me.

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