does anyone else get really anxious around (very) drunk adults ? i get really anxious when someone in my family drinks because it's hard to trust them.

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  • Leebit


    Yes. Is there a specific trigger you can narrow down to related to the anxiety? I've got a lot of them for being around drunk people.

  • KazJenkins


    Drunk people scare me. They get too friendly or they get too close or my husband's uncle tries to cop a feel on me... -_-"

  • ellinoris


    Only my father and family friends who don't "vibe" with me, like other drunk people are fine but there's a few who make me uncomfortable just from their energy/additude sober

  • melanchollie


    I hate drunk people. they are loud and gross and profoundly unfunny. they think they are so perfect, infallible and charming when they are nothing but slovenly, foul smelling fools. their mood swings and lack of impulse control are terrifying. don't yell near me. don't laugh at me. and DON'T touch me.

  • wise


    I don't get anxious, it's more of an annoyance at this point. I didn't like having to watch after my GRANDMOTHER, why would I want to babysit a grown adult I'm NOT related to? sometimes it sucks being a decent person because I'll do it anyway, I'm not just gonna let a drunkard hurt themselves, but I'll be peeved about it the whole time and they'll lose a LOT of respect in the meantime

  • Atusin


    yes, but mostly because my anxiety was significantly worsened by drunk adults being untrustworthy in my early adolescence

  • gatoraid


    horribly, even just after one drink, I get super wary of them & feel so uncomfortable I usually make an excuse to leave if I can or at least try and stay away from them. If you feel comfortable enough with someone you should consider telling them, especially your family, it's meant to be their job to make sure you're safe & comfortable, and it's rather neglectful if they ignore you like that.

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