how do you deal with feelings sick to your stomach because of sounds when you can't remove yourself

Sensory Processing Disorder

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  • AspectGraphic


    I recently started using some over ear headphones in situations that are appreciated, or even ear plugs which are more discreet. I would also suggest looking into loop ear plugs, they are designed to just reduce noise levels so you can still hear and don't look like traditional ear plugs. If those aren't options I find something to fidget with or close my eyes to eliminate one of my senses. Being sick from it sucks! I hope you can find something to help.

    • MaryJane420


      thank you I'll have to look into loop

  • Surreal


    Protect your ears! Noise cancelling headphones. Or whatever comfortable form of ear plugs you like. I found some that don't hurt my ears but blunt the sounds. I can still hear, just takes the sharp stuff out. Wearing sunglasses can help me, sometimes it's the light in the room intensifying things for me and handling one or the other can help. In situations where I can't, I just close my eyes for a bit

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