How do you guys control your feelings like when I’m in school I feel like crying like if someone asks if I’m okay I just say yep and then I start to tear up but then I also feel like everyone doesn’t like me so how am I supposed to control my feelings on stuff like that


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  • unicornbunny


    I have the same problem and it sucks usually what I do is distract myself with drawing or anything even in school I do that or just try to get away from everyone to calm yourself down when you feel like crying

  • Belugabear


    I’m also in school and that’s hard. I found that letting myself cry it out in the morning helped. And maybe a few cry breaks during the day. Also if it’s hard to speak, just nod! And don’t be afraid to excuse yourself when you need to. Make sure your teachers know vaguely what’s going on so you can easily excuse yourself. If I can help more please message me!!

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