How do you cope with dealing with a bunch of medical issues at once and the stress of it all? When the life changes you need to make seem to be more than you can sustain due to the pain and fatigue of just existing? What is the point in continuing to try and fail to juggle all the little things you need to deal with on a day to day basis? Im supposed to have another 50 years on my life and I already feel like it's over and not worth fighting for.

Generalized pain


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  • TheBigSpook


    I feel the exact same way. But I remind myself that I have things that I enjoy about this life that make it worth it to put up with existing, mostly my cats, who would die without me here to feed and pet them. And I’m selfish and I want to stick around so I can experience another gorgeous thunderstorm and crickets chirping at night under the stars while I warm my feet by a campfire, and the simple pleasure of watching the sun come up with a nice warm coffee in my hand after the very rare occasion of waking up well rested

  • JennyHeart


    The point is that you will get yourself together sooner than you think. Everyone of us is worth fighting for. The pain and fatigue is awfully ashame. I hope you can get it together real soon. 🙏

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