hello, I am new here, a little about me, I recently lost my mom to covid, she was only 41, and I'm 22, I've been struggling with depression, anxiety, adjustment disorder, insomnia, you name it. I've been in a partial hospitalization program, been hospitalized, and just nothing seems to help, now its causing relationship issues

Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • spider_girl917


    Hey! You're not alone, I recently lost my mom too. She was always the person I went to first with everything and I'm finding it difficult to navigate the world without her at 25. I get what you're going through and I'm here if you want to talk 🙂

  • horseylov143


    i’m so sorry for your loss 💕 💕 i can’t imagine

  • Dannibabu


    Sending my condolences 💕 you are not alone in this and your feelings are valid. Try to take things day by day, sometimes minute by minute. Always here to lend an ear!

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