Does anyone know what to do with night terrors and emotional flashbacks at night? Its hard and scary for us to sleep because of this...

Complex post traumatic stress disorder


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  • MellyAdoree


    Things that help me - Making a play list of songs that relax me and playing it low I have a YouTube music subscription for this no commercials and you can play exactly what you want and limit it to that for as long as its on. Prazosin I take a very low dose - 5 mg for sleeping it got rid of the worst of them and keeps it to a low level while I sleep. A full tummy, often I went hungry as a little kid so being hungry in my sleep is a trigger so I eat something very small but very filling right before laying down. I sleep on the couch often becouse i sleep better. I sleep with a bunch of stuffies including a 6 ft bear. Sooths me while I sleep

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