Does anyone else with EDS hurt in bed no matter what position they lay in? I feel like a bag of bones even with a supportive bed.

Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS)

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  • Messymexi


    Yes! I feel like a bag a bones when I'm trying to flip over lol all the cracking and stretching

  • paigeboleman


    i have a waterbed!! it is the best

  • Junemarie


    I sleep with a ton of pillows all around me for cushioning

  • Bijoux_bean22


    Haha lol yes! All the time, everything makes my hips hurt.

  • Paityn_miller


    Yes I try to keep body pillows ready at all times

  • violet00


    yep, that’s why i have like a billion pillows to stuff everywhere it hurts 😂

  • Chrys


    Your body may be hyperextending when laying down. Pay close attention to your knees, hips, spine, shoulders, and neck. Try to use methods to lesson tension on those areas and keep yourself as level as possible, whether that be a specific mattress or pillows. c:

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