Hi there! I was diagnosed with vulvodynia, specifically clitorodynia, last year. I've been seeking help and found a specialist in my area but after everything from botox to PT to bladder instillations to countless meds, I'm not finding any relief.

After your doctor says, "I'll let you know if I think of anything else", how do you keep hope?

Chronic Vulvodynia

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  • sja517


    A good doctor who is out of ideas for treating a patient should refer that patient for a second opinion. If your doctor has failed to do so on their own, I would strongly recommend requesting to be referred, or starting the process of getting a second opinion on your own. I’m so sorry you’re not getting results from treatment, and that your current doctor is no longer trying to help. You deserve better!

  • HeyReese


    Ask for a referral to a pain management doctor. I’m in the same boat and it’s miserable right now. I also was diagnosed with PCS & stage 2 prolapse. I take valium vaginally 3x/day so I can stand

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