I’ve been dealing with depression for almost a decade now, and today I found out that the reason my sisters don’t like me is because they don’t think mental illness is real. Does anyone have any advice for this situation? They’ve seen all of struggles throughout the years, so I don’t know what else I can do to make them understand.


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  • RaeIsCool404


    You can have a talk with them and show them studies

  • Wormington


    I'd also like this info tbh, my mom has mental illness when it's "convienent" to her to use. She doesn't believe mental illness is real though. Which she told me and my dad when we were both struggling with depression. Most people who've known her believe she has undiagnosed mental problems or is just a horrible person. I think both

  • Bbyitalian


    Yeah my sisters love to post all the mental health hotlines on their Instagram stories but call me crazy and psycho when I take meds

  • Snowy


    Have you heard of the "Spoon Theory" I think it's called? When I learned about it, I thought it was a brilliant strategy for explaining mental health problems (especially those that cause exhaustion) to people who don't struggle with mental health. This is a link to an online demo to maybe gain insight into what someone living with mental or physical illness may face

  • bretange


    I wish I could be more helpful but you're not alone! One thing I've noticed with my family is that when I talk about symptoms-they agree. Like you said, my family has seen all my weaknesses and strengths and know for a fact what has happened. But when I lable it, they refuse to believe it. "Oh its not that serious" "No not like that bad" Oh and the worst "but you've had such a good life!" I try to stay away from the labels when talking to my family and they're more receptive.

  • olivia2628


    I’ve been going through this with my whole family, this probably isn’t the best way but I don’t talk about my anxiety or feelings with them ever. I speak to my boyfriend and others who actually understand what I am going through

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