Does anyone struggle with eating on a week to week basis? I can eat everything for one week and then the next I want nothing to do with food and something and it can be longer on eating more or not. And when I do eat I get this one hiccup that hurts.

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  • E11iefant


    Yup! I think ADHD is my biggest contributor to that problem. I literally forget to eat for days at a time, then I overeat like crazy. *angry metabolism noises*

    • Madi08


      I do have ADD so maybe that’s a factor to it!

  • IAmTired247


    ADHD causes me not to eat for days. It's just forgetting that I'm hungry and that food is needed. To help with this, I always have snacks on me. Chips, carrots, lunchables, potpies, nuggets, and a lot more. Usually I remember to eat as soon as I see them and just nibble here and there.

  • potsprincess


    I get this but I dont think its from my adhd. Unless it happens to you on adhd medication. When this happens to me I drink ensure/ protein shakes to get calories in

  • daydream.elf


    this is a symptom of adhd for sure

  • Ley


    I’m like that. Some days I will just constantly eat and others I might eat once a day but even then I have to make myself.

  • LizzyMartinez


    I struggle with this too. Sometimes it seems to be from my ADHD. Other times it seems to become depression.

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