I am diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis in 2018 which makes my depressive disorder and anxiety disorder much less manageable. I also deal daily with narcolepsy, brought on by the rheumatoid arthritis. both of these conditions have significantly inpact my emotional health. My emotional health is significantly impacted by the arthritis and narcolepsy. I cannot separate all of the conditions from all of the symptoms because they all feed into each other. I believe the depression to be most detrimental to my everyday life. I no longer am able to find the motivation to care for my home, pay my bills responsibly and timely, if at all. I concentrate mostly on being as good a mother as I can to my 10-year-old daughter. I'm a single parent, my daughter's father passed away when she was 6 months old, in our living room. I was the one to find him. consequently we lost everything we had in probate Court. I have been clawing my way, tooth and nail to what I would consider level ground again. I worry about agoraphobia, and disassociation related issues stemming from my PTSD. I'm a real grab bag of interesting problems, but I do have a steady supply of Hope and always a desire to improve and learn about myself. I don't mind constructive criticism. I believe that honesty is the best we can all give each other. I've been long-winded enough I thank you for taking your time to read my grab bag of slightly crazy. I look forward to hearing from any of you that are interested.

Anxiety (Including GAD)


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