Having a really bad episode right now. So I’m December 2020 on the 23rd my breathing went really bad, to the point I looked stupid all day everyday trying to breathe, permanently yawning, it was SO BAD. For like a good 6 months it was this bad, all day everyday, longest period of my life.
Anyway it eased, still there, always is, and now it flares up having really bad episodes.
The best way to describe this is permanently yawning to breathe, feeling like it’s stuck in my back/left breast/stomach. It makes me tired, like physically drained from all the yawning and effort to breathe. My mouth feels so dry from it, it’s just stuck and I can’t breathe, and it’s all day everyday.
I had a feeling it was coming on bad yesterday as yesterday wasn’t great, but today it’s vile!! My upper back is so tender and I feel awful from the trying to breathe!! But it’s so random, I just can’t get my head around it and nobody has a diagnosis for this!
I’ll more than likely be this bad now for a couple of weeks, maybe longer! It’s horrendous.



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