What are some simple things I can do to help with the psoriasis on my scalp, or ways to have my hair grow back I have tried steroids and apple cider vinegar but they don’t seem to work. Help!!!


Folic Acid



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  • Shelbym


    I just was diagnosed with scalp psoriasis. It is an autoimmune disorder and it isn’t uncommon to develop more than one. I would check to see if it is alopecia. I haven’t started my treatment yet but doctor prescribed steroid and special shampoo.

  • EmChyenne


    Idk if you've tried this but I use tar shampoo mines prescription but you can get it with out you get your hair damp massage in the tar shampoo let it sit for about 30 mins then rinse it out flow up with conditioner at just the ends of your hair. As far as growth goes if you cat get stuff with folic acid in it that's your best bet I started taking women's vitamins and my hair has grown faster.

    • Shelbym


      thanks so much! I actually do have a prescription shampoo and a topical steroid that I am using. I will definitely make sure to buy something with folic acid for hair growth.

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