Is working out considered a form of purging? I feel my habits are more bulimic than anorexic. I go through starvation, sometimes binging, and then exercising excessively regardless of what time of day it is. Doctors diagnosed me with anorexia but also put that I self induce vomit even though we had never said that. All my mom mentioned was that I “ate less and worried about my weight.”. She doesn’t think I have an ED. (Regardless, that wasn’t even why we were at the GI in the first place). I’m not sure what to put as EDNOS nor anorexia don’t really describe what I do.

Eating Disorder

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  • PeterZ

    362d ^ check out this video, it talks about lesser talked abt EDs, especially common types of OSFED which I think you’d relate to

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