I'm taking methylphenidate and it has stopped working effectively. Any other types of medication any of you took that might help? I've had bad reactions to most of them except that one so im a little scared and worried that if I change meds then something bad will happen.

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  • strugglebus


    Methylphenidate gave me a bad reaction personally. I went to Concerta but it gave me migraines. Now I'm taking Vyvanse, and it has been working really well for me

    • MarySol


      concerta worked once I fully transitioned but I had horrible side effects. Vyvance had a late day drop and not as much impulsivity control even though it is supposed to. I was also taking it very early in the day. Strattera nothing. Adderall no side effects and most effective. The only way I am responding and participating here right now is because I'm medicated especially given trauma from the last 5 years.

      • strugglebus


        I agree, I don't think Vyvanse has good impulsivity control, but I feel like it helps keep me productive and helps me with my routine. It was prescribed for my narcolepsy. My neurologist can't prescribe anything for my possible ADHD, because he thinks I developed ADHD throughout my epilepsy and how my brain has changed, so he can't really prescribe anything for ADHD since I'm not officially diagnosed, and I can't afford it since we're still figuring other things out

  • Kishi


    I'm looking for an alternative to methylphenidate too. It's effective for me because I recently increased to 30mg because I became tolerant to 20mg. The issue for me is that this higher dose increases my anxiety a lot, but I'm hesitant to try a different one because it's so tiring to have to constantly analyze myself when trying different meds to see if they work

    • Tired247


      I still live with family so it's easier for me to see any difference or changes as I have people pointing it out for me.

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