Hello everyone! I’m nickvalentine, and I was just diagnosed with Hashimoto’s and hypermobility syndrome earlier this year. I went through two months of physical therapy, but find it difficult to motivate myself to exercise, even though it’s very painful if I don’t. I just figured I’d try this app to connect to other chronically ill people like myself.


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  • CaliDreamer


    I feel like crap when I don’t exercise! But I still don’t! Why do we do this to ourselves 😂😭 From what I’ve learned, you can’t get yourself to exercise by self motivation. Because you will have days where you can’t motivate yourself. Your health shouldn’t depend on your mood, it should be dependent on habits. I’m trying to figure out how to make habits that will stick on days I don’t feel like it. For example when I’m done with homework for the day I take a quick walk. On good days, I’ll walk longer if I feel like it. But on bad days, I’ll do the bare minimum which is something!

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