How do you deal with anxiety about being called a fake?

The first person I ever confided in about being part of a system ended up dropping me as a friend and splitting our friend group because she didn't believe the disorder was real. Ever since then I've had extreme anxiety about telling anyone and struggle to build up trust with people, even if those other people have DID or similar conditions.

Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID)

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    That shit is suuper tough, and I’m rlly sorry you ended up losing people over it. It’s rlly unfortunate how bad the general perception towards DID is right now and I def relate to having that anxiety, I managed to open up to my friends about it and even though my current group is understanding I still have this paranoia they think I’m faking or whatever. I’ve also had ppl like one of my exes treat me like I was an actual lunatic when they found out lol. Really it just first took facing a lot of self doubt I had, even tho my “alters” have been very real for a long time I definitely felt very insecure about accepting that I had DID. After that I really just had to decide that if I opened up and was rejected because of it, then maybe that is a sign that relationship was not what I needed anyways, because I would rather be around people who at least try to understand me or who believe me when I open up about it. Still that’s always easier said than done, and it can be really tough to gain a center of confidence around it. There’s no simple and easy solution but for me it was just testing the waters a bit once I got close to my current friend group (ie getting a feel for their opinion on did etc) and deciding through that if I felt safe to open up abt it?

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