How do you find motivation in everyday life?


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  • PheonixFeather


    I try to focus on the little things. Something that helps me, is thinking about making the day 1% better. It’s okay if you have good days and bad days, just trying to get that one percent really helps me.

    • Tla


      that’s a good approach since it’s actually manageable as opposed to thinking it has to be 50 or 70 or 90% better ❤️

  • smellingbooks


    My biggest source of motivation is my family. My role as a wife and mother are what keeps me going. One thing I do to pull me out of a rut (which still happens often) is to read through some entries in the gratitude journal I keep. Remembering the good experiences in my life helps to shift my focus back to positive things. Currently I'm in the midst of becoming an empty-nester, and it's been extremely difficult to find motivation at times, in spite of the positive thoughts. So I understand it's an ongoing issue and I'll likely always bounce back and forth. With that in mind I *try* to be gentle with myself, and work on not dwelling on my lack of productivity, or struggle to reach my goals. 🤗

  • Annasbugs


    Having a routine and partaking in 🍃

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