so I know people normally talk about starting medication and the bad side affects.
what if your starting a medication and don't feel anything ? like okay I feel something different but definitely not life changing . anyone experience this

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  • Bridgette


    If you take Tylenol or allergy medicine you usually feel it right away right? I mean you have to you feel aweful so you need it to help you like now or maybe in like 10 min . Well I mean how do you know for the next week or 2 you still feel nothing like you might be on the wrong dose. I'm just really not good at waiting around for a medicine to start working. When all other medications I took before this one gave me some sort of feeling right away. They were bad affects but least it was something so I could move on to the next medication. Like yah it's like I just wanna get through the medication and find the right one already not just wait around .

  • Bridgette


    Yes my doctor said it has to build up in your system which is fine. What are doses for then ? Like does it take all doses to adjust to your system or does it take 2 weeks for the right one. It's kinda confusing but you get what I'm saying ?

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