Has anyone experienced Survivor's guilt real bad and ask God to change his mind and send your loved ones back to earth and take you instead since your life means nothing???


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  • RubyRed888


    But you life is important 💕 sometimes it’s our lack of self love & depression putting these thoughts in our heads. You survived and now what’s next is to honor your lost loved ones by making it a meaningful life

  • Gwen71


    Yes, I felt this many times over the years.I really don't want to get into the religious aspect of the situation but try to find things that you like to do....maybe write down how you feel from day to day.I hope that will help🙏

  • MissWilwarin


    Your life only means nothing if you don’t do anything with it. If you skate by in life and only care about yourself and make no effort to better the world, no matter how small, you’ve chosen to make your life meaningless.

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