Lately I been feeling extremely depressed and scared to be alone with my thoughts. I don't really have anywhere to go right now cause my husband is at work my sister is as well and the one friend I thought would always be there blocked me and said they need a break from me because I was telling her how I felt and she just said I was toxic for thinking this way, so idk what to do. I don't wanna be alone but there's nothing I can do right now.


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  • kelzbellz


    You're not alone. Feel free to message me if you need to talk

  • Dweeby


    Definitely not alone. I am often scared to be alone with my thoughts too. If you need anything please message me whether it be to rant or just look for advice. I gotchu

  • puppylove22


    I have been feeling the same for the last week and I feel like something is wrong with me.i can't really express myself to friends since they don't understand it.

  • Aborted_toaster


    That's awful you should never have to feel alone if you need a convo buddy just let me, K? ❤️

  • madisyn._.nicole


    hit me up if you need anything<3

  • CheleKelly


    I have very few friends and live alone first year went great well maybe year and a half but now my last like 6 months I’ve struggled. So I get the feeling alone and being scared. I had spent my evening with well kinda my man and coming home to my apartment with not even my cat home I had to grab him from neighbors was super scary and depressing. Kinda why I hoped on here I’m even scared to go sleep sometimes like tonight cus of my nightmares.

  • hellafibrobefore


    I've been there. I play free YouTube subliminals for abandonment and healing the inner child. I latch onto others too tightly sometimes and this frees me up inside. Hope this helps someone.

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