I’m having to face knee surgery for the third time my senior year of highschool. my choices are ruining my spring break, prom, graduation, or summer……help

Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS)

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  • BlueTheOctopus


    That sucks and having to make a choice like that is really hard. I'd rank what you're most looking forward to. Like maybe your really looking forward to prom, that would be at the top of the list. The last thing on the list would be when to schedule the surgery. That may help.

  • Natti1076


    If I were you I would schedule it around whichever event will give you the most flexibility in terms of time needed to heal/recover. You never know with these things and the last thing I’d want to deal with while already struggling post-op is the stress of having to miss more school and/or work than originally intended

  • MJ17


    I’ve had four surgeries in the last 4 semesters of high school with one more coming. To your question, I had one right before prom last year and one before prom this year. I would go with before prom because it is less fun than you think, and summer and spring break are more important than 1 night. I have to use crutches to walk all the time, and it’s not that bad to do things with them if that’s part of your worry. I had knee surgery 3 months ago and am still braced and stuff because of EDS slow healing, but you just have to make the best of it. Good luck!

  • greenbeans


    I will say, I was offered a, likely similar, knee surgery as a teenager with a long recovery time. I was very concerned about it ruining events and my relationship at the time. Now as a working adult, I regret not doing it as a teenager when I had more time. I have NO time now and I can't take off work.

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