does anyone else with anxiety/depression/bipolar struggle with maintaining a healthy relationship with their significant other? i’ve become so codependent, and it’s caused so many arguments with my boyfriend. i feel hurt when he doesn’t reciprocate my extreme feelings, only to feel guilty after.


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  • Jonpup


    Yes yes yes! We’ve struggled a lot last week. I’ve been unmedicated on and off for the past few months, so he’s been my…everything. I’m so scared of going to the doctor to the first time in months, bc I feel like they’ll put me back inpatient. But he’s going with me. He’s going to tell the doctor how much my illnesses have hurt our relationship when I’m not medicated. So, it’s just about..communication. He thought I gave up on seeking help, and got very upset. But I cried to him, telling him I’ve cried for months and have searched so much for someone to see me despite not having insurance. But he’s my rock. He’s my support. And I know you’ll have that too dear. I promise

  • gullybogger


    I was very dependent on my ex too , and very “obsessed” with her. I felt the same way - she did not appear to love me and feel as devoted to me as I was to her. and I was always so up-her-ass, this made her mad. she used to like it and I suppose I became too much. I felt guilty for that as well. I think it’s great if you have someone who will be attached to you in the same manner you are to them . . . but it hurts so badly when they aren’t =^{

  • D3stiny


    All the time. Anytime I have a problem with something I go to my partner, I express my emotions with my partner, basically I go to them for everything and it’s starting to make them feel overwhelmed. They constantly tell me to talk to other people but it’s really hard because I’m too dependent on them.

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