Has anyone else had experiences with mast cell activation syndrome? I keep having anaphylactic reactions and I think it’s mcas but my allergist is saying it’s a ‘fad’ diagnosis. I have read a lot of literature saying that mcas and eds are very commonly found together though.


Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS)

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  • Tomato


    Hey, when I was diagnosed with eds I was suspected to have mcas too. The reason was mainly because I suffered from mosquito bites too much. I'd get really swollen and had trouble breathing. I did some blood tests, and ultimately I was told that I don’t suffer from mcas, only from eds.

  • lovingluna


    I have been having chronic hives since January that last up to a month and anaphylaxis where I have to use an epi pen with no identifiable cause

  • dinosaur2202


    I just got diagnosed with mcas and my doctor is one of the leading specialist. He explained to me lots of doctors won't diagnosis it because they don't understand how to treat it. Which is awful. I suggest going to a research hospital with a pots and mcas specialist. My mcas went undiagnosed for almost two years since the symptoms started and it almost killed me. If you're concerned get a specialist opinion.

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