Does anyone else deal with paranoia about people watching you. I’ve started obsessing over my neighbors potentially watching me through my windows. I feel guilty and bad when I do a certain thing because I wonder what if someone is watching me and I did it on purpose but I try and remind myself that if a neighbor was it would be an invasion of my own privacy. It’s a new obsession and it sucks so much. I’m already doing compulsions

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

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  • RadiantObscurity


    I have that issue sometimes too. For me, it's completely irrational (for instance in some cases there's physically no way anyone can see me and I'm still like "well what if there are hidden cameras" even though I know that would never actually be true) but I still find it hard to get the thought out of my head. Sadly I have no actual advice for you, because it seems like you're in the same boat as me: where being self aware about the paranoia somehow does not help lessen it. All I can say is hang in there and you're not alone in feeling this way. 💕

  • strawberrysoop


    yes!! so much!! just tonight i was freaking out about secret cameras in my house. my friend reminded me that if it were true, i would Know because there would be physical evidence. could something like that work for you too?

  • kittenintheyarn


    Kind of, only for me I am more frightened of demonic attack, even in broad daylight with others around

  • DreamEmulator


    Yes, which is why I generally keep my curtains shut. I’m very afraid of secret cameras; I typically cover up my laptop and other devices with sticky notes on the camera, but that only helps a little bit… I’m more afraid of what I can’t see.

  • El333


    Yes!!! Someone was sitting on the stairs in front of my apartment smoking and I had a major freakout and checked everywhere in my house to make sure nobody was in there.

  • kmr.artz


    I have that kind of paranoia too, and it really sucks that I feel like I have to constantly look out my windows or look behind me in fear of people watching me or there being an intruder.

  • exquisitecorpse


    I've always experienced this, mainly as a teenager. When my parents would leave me home alone, I was convinced they had set up security cameras. A lot of my compulsions come from the fact that I want everyone who's "watching me" to think that I'm a good person. I wish I could help out more. I still don't know how to stop it. Just know that you're not alone.

  • Bunny_


    I do! I got these privacy films for my room from Amazon. It makes it so people can’t see in and during the day time it puts pretty rainbows on the walls :)

  • wise


    I always assume everywhere I go is mic'd and/or cammed. Everywhere. I stopped feeling scared or guilty about what people might hear and see about me because if they don't like it, they shouldn't have been spying on me. If they see me naked and think it's awful, that's on them for peeping. If incriminating or scandalous audio or imagery of me is published, I'll cross that bridge when I get to it. I try to incorporate my symptoms into my daily life in the least destructive way possible, because that's way easier than trying to fight them or ignore them. For particularly upsetting intrusive thoughts I just do whatever it takes to get my brain on something else (not super difficult with ADHD lol)

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